RVCC Site Membership and Usage Policy

This site and the discussion forums contained within are for communication between members.

Membership is reserved for private, non-commercial individuals who currently own or are seriously interested in owning an R-Vision product with the exception of representatives of R-Vision related entities (ie. dealers) for the non-commercial offering of opinions and comments.  Advertising and promotion of products is strictly prohibited, except in a non-biased form (you have no commercial interest in the product).


The following are the guidelines which must be adhered to and by registering and maintaining a member account on this site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules stated below.

  1. Material and statements posted on this site and forum must be tasteful, professional and not obscene in any way.  Violation of this rule will result in removal of the material and expulsion from the website.
  2. The Username that you register on this site must NOT be offensive. Complaints by any member of this site will require that your Username be changed or removed.
  3. In order to maintain an account on this site, you must be registered with and maintain a working email account. If an attempt by the system or Administrators to send an email is returned as undeliverable, your account is subject to deactivation or removal.
  4. Spam on the site is not allowed.  Sanctions outlined in rule 1 apply.
  5. As stated above, referrals to products or services can be made by non-commercial entities only and provided you (or someone you know) do not have a vested interest in the product.  Advertising is strictly prohibited.
  6. Use of this site for selling of personal items is prohibited unless a separate area is established by the Admin or Moderators.
  7. Decisions and actions of the Admins or moderators are final.
  8. Continued abuse of this forum by specific individuals may result in action taken with the member's Internet Service Provider.  We reserved the right to deny or revoke membership at any time, without notice.
  9. Information exchanged on this site should be used in the context it was provided..  This site and it's operators take no responsibility for any detrimental results that may occur from utilizing the advice provided from membership.  We are not responsible for damage to belongings, injury or death which may occur by following advice or comments made on this forum.
  10. Signatures must contain your R-Vision Trailer brand/model so we know what you own (or intend to own) with respect to this site. Signatures (or posts) that contain a reference to an RV other than an R-Vision unit may be edited by the Administrators of the site or accounts suspended.
  11. Accounts which don't contain references to R-Vision product (in the Signature) or have no postings within 60 days will be placed in an inactive/disabled state. A message must be sent to the Administrator via the feedback page to re-enable the account (unless Policy #10 was violated). Disabled accounts are deleted after an additional 30 days.
  12. A new forum topic will only be posted in the relevant forum and the same topic will NOT be posted in more than one forum. Duplicate topics will be deleted.
  13. Due to Bandwidth demands as well as security concerns, The Photo Gallery is for storage and presentation of members photographs to other members or guests ONLY through the site's Interface and software. Attempts to link to Gallery photographs via external, direct URL links is prohibited and may result in photo removal. There is a special URL/directory available for signature or temporary external photograph requirements at the discretion of the Site Administrator.

This forum is meant to be a place for the exchange of information and experiences with R-Vision products.  The above rules try to ensure that this site remains a positive and beneficial experience for all.  These Rules may be updated at any time without notice.